The Last Flight of Halifax JB837
25/26th May 1943

Rank Sergeant
Name Albert Leslie Fisher
Position Rear Air Gunner
Nationality United Kingdom
Service Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit 7 Squadron
Age 27
Service No. 925124
Grave Rheinberg War Cemetery, 4.D.25

Albert's Great Nephew Ron has provided this newspaper cutting from the Maidenhead Advertiser detailing the news that Albert was missing in action:

Albert Fisher
Service Record
DateAbbr. Location
10/05/1940 A.C.H/GD Aircraft Hand/General Duties
01/08/1940 A.C.H/GG Aircraft Hand/Ground Gunner
16/09/1941   Gunner
15/12/1941   U/T Air Gunner
17/07/1942   Air Gunner
10/05/1940 1 RC No.1 Recruits Centre, Uxbridge
16/05/1940 4 RC No.4 Recruits Centre, Bridgnorth
28/05/1940 WICK RAF Wick, John O'Groats, Scotland
11/08/1941 148 D SQ? RAF Wick, John O'Groats, Scotland
05/12/1941 A.C.R.C. Air Crew Reception Centre, Lords Cricket Area
13/12/1941 14 ITW Initial Training Wing, Marine Court, Hastings
06/06/1942 2 A.G.S. 2 Air Gunnery School, RAF Dalcross, Scotland
21/07/1942 26 O.T.U. Operational Training Unit, RAF Wing Cheddington (Wellingtons?)
13/11/1942 1657 Conversion Flight, RAF Stradishall, Suffolk
11/1942 1483 FLT (A) Flight Training: Bombing/Gunnery Flight, Newmarket, Suffolk - Wellington
29/11/1942 1657 (CU) Conversion Unit - Stirling, RAF Stradishall, Suffolk
24/12/1942 214 SQDRN Stirling - RAF Stradishall or Chedburgh, Suffolk
15/03/1943 7 SQDRN Stirling - RAF Oakington, Cambridge
Date Aircraft Target
18-19/01/1943 Stirling Mk I W7577 Sea Mining (?)
3-4/02/1943 Stirling Mk I R9163 Hamburg
4-5/02/1943 Stirling Mk I R9323 Turin
13-14/02/1943 Stirling Mk I R9323 Lorient
16-17/02/1943 Stirling Mk I R9163 Lorient
17-18/02/1943 Stirling EF335 Sea Mining?
19-20/02/1943 Stirling EF335 Wilhelmshaven
19-20/02/1943 Stirling Mk I R9323 Nuremberg
26-27/02/1943 Stirling Mk I W7577 Cologne
Date Aircraft Target
22/3/43 Stirling BF339 'B' St Nazaire - Flak Damaged Slats.
27/3/43 Stirling Mk I R9199 MG-F Air Sea Rescue. Failed Mission
27/3/43Stirling Mk I R9199 MG-F Berlin - Abandoned - Rear Turret Not Working.
28/3/43 Stirling Mk I R9199 MG-F St Nazaire
29/3/43Stirling Mk I R9199 MG-F Berlin
4/4/43 Stirling Mk I R9156 MG-H Kiel
10/4/43Stirling Mk I R9156 MG-H Frankfurt
14/4/43 Stirling EF361 'MG-B' Stuttgart
1/5/43EF361 'B.2' 'MG-B' Bocholt
13/5/43EF361 'B.2 'MG-B' Bochum
23/5/43Stirling Mk I EF361 'MG-B' Dortmund
25/5/43 Stirling Mk I EF361 'MG-B' Dusseldorf - Missing