The Last Flight of Halifax JB837
25/26th May 1943
Halifax II JB-837 KN-D



Halifax Mk II, Serial No: JB837

This aircraft was part of a batch of 350 HP59 Halifax Mk IIs. It was a Handley Page 4-engined bomber built by English Electric Co. at Samlesbury, Preston and delivered between 28th February 1943 and 23rd March 1943, and powered by Rolls Royce Merlin engines. It bore the X1D (Identification) of KN-D.

Halifax II Bomber

Handley Page Halifax II

Halifax II Bomber

(A real Halifax II but with mocked up X1D)

English Electric built 2,145 of the total Halifax production of 6,178 aircraft; 1,966 of these were the Mk.II variant.

Halifax JB837 KN-D took off from Elvington airfield at 23.30 on 25 May 1943 on a bombing mission to Düsseldorf. It was shot down at 01.51, 1km south of Jülich, a small town west of Köln (Cologne), by Major Walter Ehle, while on its way to the target at an altitude of 4800 metres (15,700 feet). It disintegrated in a huge explosion, presumably from detonated munitions: the bulk of the wreckage fell between Jülich and Elsdorf. All seven crew were buried by the Germans in Koln-Zollstock, but relocated to Rheinberg War Cemetery after the war.


RAF 77 Squadron based in May 1943 at Elvington, 6 miles south of York.